Station setup

The design for the two camps (Red Camp and Blue Camp) with each 2 radio stations is ready. The 4 stations are identical (K3 and Expert) but we will make two stations dedicated for 160 and 80 meters where we can use diversity reception. We have next to the regular BPF’s also a complete set of 4O3A XL high power BPF for 160, 80, 40,20,15 and 10m. Each camp has a coax patch panel to switch antennas.

The two camps will be linked via a WiFi network in order to have all logging laptops connected.

update Swains Island W8S

Update 27th of December 2019

Everything is on schedule for our Swains DXpedition.

Last month Martin PA4WM en Gerben PG5M have been working on the antennas for Swains. After some small design changes, the antennas are ready now (thanks to Dado E74AW for helping with the 160m antenna).

We also have collected a lot of other equipment en tools. We were in doubt if everything would fit in the 3 boxes we created especially for this adventure.

This morning we started packing all the equipment. At the end of the afternoon we were ready. Luckily everything fitted in the boxes: 14 RX/TX antennas, 800 meters of coax-cable, 2.4 KM of radials, bandpass filters, power supplies and tools were packed in the boxes.

The boxes are ready for transport, the total weight is approx. 200 KG.

Within 3 weeks we will transport it to American Samoa.

After finishing this phase of our project we will now focus on the next phase the radio and computer equipment.

The whole team is looking forward to activate Swains Island as W8S.


Ronald Stuy, PA3EWP

To get the best signal out……..

Part of the preparation work is to optimize the antenna’s for the situation on the island. Working with the limitations of antenna height and the possibilities of a beach location on an Island in the Pacific Ocean can be challenging for low band antenna’s.
Martin PA4WM got some help from Dado E74AW resulting in some promissing plots…..

Getting the antenna’s there……

With 85 days to go it is time to get the first boxes shipped.
For save transportation of the antenna’s to Swains Ronald PA3EWP and his “handyman” Fred constructed some tailormade boxes. Previous DXpeditions showed him that this kind of boxes survive the long journey to the Pacific.
Just after Xmas these boxes will be filled with gear and shipped for W8S