180 days to go….

There is not much to tell at the moment.

We are sure that most of you have other concerns and not thinking about Swains.

Normally we would be back in Pago Pago today after 13 days activation of Swains, but things are completely different now.

We hope that all of you are still in good shape and don’t have to many problems staying indoors.

Looking forward to September.


The Swains 2020 Team

PS. We are still receiving donations. Thanks to all for their faith in the project.

Postponed but…..

The fact that we had to postpone the DXpedition so shortly before the initially planned date does not mean that Swains2020 is no longer alive. The opposite is true….
A new planning brings many new logistical challenges with which the team is busy to resolve. Not all equipment can wait for half a year in a box for shipping and the team members also have to adjust their travel plans to the new goals. This all sounds simple, but for sure it is not.

The new date also means a different season and therefore different circumstances on the island and a change in expected propagation. This means that the operating manual needs some adjustment as might the planning.

The team is happy that their sponsors and supporters show so much understanding for the situation and continue to support the team in the realization of this great project. It is this trust and support that gives extra motivation to the team to make the postponed DXpedition a success. Without this support a project like Swains2020 is not possible. THANK YOU

New dates for the Swains 2020 DXpedition

Following the disappointing news earlier this week the Swains2020 team is extremely happy that we can announce the new schedule for the W8S DXpedition to Swains Island. The team will be on the island from September 23 until October 6, 2020.

We like to thank all our sponsors and supporters for the understanding and confidence we have received after the message about the forced postponement of the DXpedition.
We are therefore very happy that we can already share the new planning with you.