Update Swains DXpedition W8S

Dear friends,

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is still impossible to travel to Swains Island.
This means that we have to postpone our DXpedition until spring 2021 at the earliest.

Alex Jennings and the team will start planning again as soon as we are allowed to travel to American Samoa without restrictions (such as 14 days in quarantine).
All equipment already purchased is waiting for us in Pago Pago.

We are very disappointed with this postponement, but if we look at it from a positive angle, propagation will be better next year!

We continue our Swains DXpedition project and keep you informed via our mailing list, website and the social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

The Swains DXpedition Team

A change in the team

Due to the new dates set for the Swains2020 adventure it became claer that Dieter DJ9ON could not make it due to other obligations. So unfortunately the team had to say goodbye to Dieter and look for a new team member.

It is our pleasure to announce that Marcel PA9M will fill the vacant place in the team. Marcel is an experienced operator with a lot of low band and contest experience.

We welcome Marcel to the team!

172 Days to go…..

180 days to go….

There is not much to tell at the moment.

We are sure that most of you have other concerns and not thinking about Swains.

Normally we would be back in Pago Pago today after 13 days activation of Swains, but things are completely different now.

We hope that all of you are still in good shape and don’t have to many problems staying indoors.

Looking forward to September.


The Swains 2020 Team

PS. We are still receiving donations. Thanks to all for their faith in the project.