2000+ more QSO’s to our log


After questions about missing QSO’s on the 15th of October on 30m FT8 we have carefully investigated the logs again.We noticed some problems with the integration of WSJT-X and N1MM on a laptop in camp Red.

We have correct this issue and resulted in 2000+ more QSO’s to our log.

Charles, our QSL manager, has added the missing QSO’s to his OQRS, Clublog and to LOTW (if applicable).
Sorry for this inconvenience, but finally the QSO’s are found and will be confirmed.

On behalf of the W8S Swains 2023 team,

Ronald PA3EWP

Swains ride to W8S operation sites

In this video you see Hans DL6JGN and Martin PA4WM on their crew change ride from the sleeping and dining camp to the radio operation camp on the northern rim of the island. This ride shows you the operation sites with their antennas.

by Martin PA4WM

Perfect continental split…..

Now that the team is on its return trip and the dust clouds are slowly but surely settling, we have time to take a leisurely look at the results of this DXpedition:

89530 QSOs in the log

If we look at the distribution over the continents we see a beautifully even distribution over the three largest ones:

If we look at the band/mode distribution we see a picture we don’t often see anymore at DXpeditions: 38% CW:

Judging by the reactions, the team made a lot of amateurs happy with this. If you have a lot of one, there is automatically less left for the other, so maybe the 14% SSB is disappointing for another group.

The Club Log Impact On Users statistics really shows what this DXpedition has meant. Among Clublog users 16.1% an ATNO:

Speaking of success…..

More statistics: https://clublog.org/charts/?c=W8S#r

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