Logsearch and OQRS information:

So, you made the QSO but like to check it to be sure….

Logs will be send from the island on regular bases to the QSL Manager M0OXO.
Charles uploads the logs to his own OQRS system and to Clublog.
See below direct links to the logsearch and OQRS:

Clublog Logsearch: https://clublog.org/logsearch/W8S

Clublog Expeditions: https://clublog.org/charts/?c=w8s

M0OXO OQRS: https://www.m0oxo.com/oqrs/logsearch.php?dxcallsign=w8s

NOT IN LOG Requests:

Click this button on M0OXO OQRS to report a Missing Qso from the Log

W8S meets E51D

During their stay on KH8 some of the Team members met with Tamas HA7RY and Gabi HA5YG. Tamas and Gabi had just returned to KH8 from their E51D RIB DX-Pedition with George AA7JV and Michael KN4EEI.

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