A hard days work @ KH8/W8S…..

The ToDo list for the stay in American Samoa before boarding the ship is impressive. Today, many of these ToDo’s could be ticked off after a very productive day at the hardware store and in the workshop.
An impression of the teams’ work in and around Pago Pago:

And they are on their way….

After 6 years of planning and above all waitiung the long awaited DXpedition on Swains Island under the W8S callsign is becoming reality.

The team of operators are on their way to Hawaii where they meet September 27. The day after they will fly to Pago Pago (KH8), where they will stay for a few days before boarding the ship that will bring them to Swains Island.

In Pago Pago they will buy the latest supplies, do the final check of all the equipment, configure the laptops and radios and – if they have time – work for a few hours under KH8/their own callsign.

October 4th the team will reach Swains Island and they will spend the remaining daylight building as miu=uch as possible antennas in both camps. They hope to have the first signals out that same night under the callsign W8S. All is depending on the circumstanding during the landing and on the island.

When the operation is running there will be daily log updates via Charles M0OXO (QSL manager) who will post it on the clublog page. Check the QSL Piolicy on swains2023.com

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