W8S on the way to Swains!

After a slight delay, the W8S Swains Team is finally on the way to Swains!

The vessel ‘Manu’atele’ sailed out the Port of Pago Pago (American Samoa) on October 5, 2023 at 09:00 UTC with the W8S Swains Team onboard!

The initial schedule was slightly delayed by the inclement weather and due to other commitments of the Government operated vessel, serving the local island communities.

After a decisive meeting with the local Port Authorities, which was attended by some of the W8S Swains Team members, the final go-ahead was given and the W8S Swains Team was allowed to board the ‘Manu’atele’ en route to Swains on Wednesday evening LT.

After departure from American Samoa and on the way to Swains, the ‘Manu’atele’ will drop some cargo at the neighbouring island of Manu’a and afterwards sail directly to Swains. A 30 hour journey lies ahead for the W8S Swains Team and the supporting crew.

Upon arrival at Swains, the W8S Swains Team and support crew will offload the ‘Manu’atele’ at high tide and go ashore with a landing craft, sailing up and down several times to offload all the cargo.

After the landing, the W8S Swains Team will start working in the simmering heat to set up the 2 operating camps and start operating hopefully during the local night, beginning on October 7, 2023 at 06:00 UTC.

You can track the ‘Manu’atele’ here: https://share.garmin.com/w8s.
As soon as the W8S Swains Team are on the island, a Starlink internet connection will be set up to keep the DX community updated, but more importantly the radio stations will be installed asap to start working you all!

Below a little view on the hectic day the team had today prior to setting sail with the Manu’atele

Online Propagation prediction chart for W8S by OH6BG

Jari, OH6BG is well known for his online VOACAP portal for all your daily propagation predictions.

For our DXpedition to Swains Jari has made up a default DX propagation chart.
The timeframe in October as well as the antennas and power that will be used on Swains are set by default, so you only have to put your gridsquare and antenna situation in the designated boxes and the chart will show you the best bands and times to make it into our log.

The direct link to access the prediction chart is: https://www.voacap.com/dx/swains/


For team W8S,
Martin PA4WM


31 degrees C. A perfect day to build antennas

Martin PA4WM:
Today was hot. 31 degrees C. A perfect day to build, adjust and test the 40m 2 elements array.
Because of the beach width other then the usual 90 degrees phase shift, I used a 135 degrees shift and a 1/8 wavelength spacing between elements. 5.3m in this case. In basic, similar to a ZL special or HB9CV.

40 radials were used for the entire system.
After some tweaking of the individual elements and previously cut to length coax lines, it yielded an swr of 1.4.
Ready to rock and roll.
As so many other times Monique, my wife assisted me laying radials and setting up the masts.

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