31 degrees C. A perfect day to build antennas

Martin PA4WM:
Today was hot. 31 degrees C. A perfect day to build, adjust and test the 40m 2 elements array.
Because of the beach width other then the usual 90 degrees phase shift, I used a 135 degrees shift and a 1/8 wavelength spacing between elements. 5.3m in this case. In basic, similar to a ZL special or HB9CV.

40 radials were used for the entire system.
After some tweaking of the individual elements and previously cut to length coax lines, it yielded an swr of 1.4.
Ready to rock and roll.
As so many other times Monique, my wife assisted me laying radials and setting up the masts.

Of course, we have to look good too!

Of course, a DXpedition is mainly about the final results and good preparation is definitely part of that.
On the technical side, after 3 years the plans have been dusted off again and adjusted to the new situation in terms of operator team and of course the expected better band conditions on the higher bands.
But there is more and that is why a decision was taken today on the uniform, after all, we also need to be able to present ourselves nicely as a team.
Well, that will certainly work with these shirts….

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