The Pilots Team

To maximize the efficiency of this DXpedition the team is assisted by a team of Pilot stations consisting of experienced DXers.

The W8S Pilot stations are the off island team members from key areas who are in regular contact with the team on Swains Island. Their job is to report on how things are going from their location and act as liaisons between the DXpedition and Hams in their region.​
The pilots will advise the team about the regional possibilities and impossibilities.
Of course for that they will need your help……..

Do you here the W8S signals whilst they are working another area of the world, or you can hear them long path, or…… Please advise your regional pilot so he can collect and analyse your information and inform the team.

Alex PA1AW will be the Chief pilot in charge of gathering all relevant information from regional pilots and channel such information to the W8S team on the island. ​Please use your regional pilot. The Chief pilot is busy coordinating the other pilots and solving problems!  

Feedback and updates from the W8S team on the island come in several ways:

  • “The Latest News” blog on the website (subscribe in the website footer).
  • The Swains2023 feed on “X” (Twitter).
  • The Swains2023 Facebook page.

Chief Pilot
Website & Social Media

Alex – PA1AW


Pilot for Europe and Africa



Pilot for British Islands

John G4IRN


Pilot for North America

Steve N2AJ


Pilot for South America

Siso HK3W


Pilot for Asia

Champ E21EIC

Email: E21EIC@E21EIC.NET

Pilot for Oceania

Lee – VK3GK


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