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This website is about the September – October 2020 DXpedition to Swains Island.

Update December 2022:
At the moment it is impossible to charter a ship for March 2023. The Government ship Manu’atele has a fixed schedule to visit many Islands of American Samoa and it is not possible to sail to Swains to drop us off and pick us up 2 weeks later. Alex Jennings is still negotiation with the government for a new planning.
As soon as it is possible, we will go to Swains.
Our project has certainly not been canceled but again postponed.

Update November 2021:
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it is still impossible to travel to Swains Island. This means that we have to postpone our DXpedition until spring 2023 at the earliest.

Alex Jennings and the team will start planning again as soon as we are allowed to travel to American Samoa without restrictions (such as 14 days in quarantine). All equipment already purchased is waiting for us in Pago Pago.

We are very disappointed with this postponement, but if we look at it from a positive angle, propagation will be better!

We continue our Swains DXpedition project and keep you informed via our mailing list, website and the social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

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