Perfect continental split…..

Now that the team is on its return trip and the dust clouds are slowly but surely settling, we have time to take a leisurely look at the results of this DXpedition:

89530 QSOs in the log

If we look at the distribution over the continents we see a beautifully even distribution over the three largest ones:

If we look at the band/mode distribution we see a picture we don’t often see anymore at DXpeditions: 38% CW:

Judging by the reactions, the team made a lot of amateurs happy with this. If you have a lot of one, there is automatically less left for the other, so maybe the 14% SSB is disappointing for another group.

The Club Log Impact On Users statistics really shows what this DXpedition has meant. Among Clublog users 16.1% an ATNO:

Speaking of success…..

More statistics:

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